Getting ready photos? Eek! No! Why would I want anyone to see me before I walk down the aisle?

This may be your first reaction.  Many brides have it and it is ok.  But let’s explore why this might be one of the most magical parts or your day for your destination wedding.  This is the true transition from single life to married life, from bride-to-be to bride. The getting ready hours are an evolution of your new life change.  And this is not just for you, the bride, it is for your closest loved ones, your family, and best friends.

Getting ready photos give the photographer your Crayola box of emotions. Those hours before the actual “I do” moment are sprinkled with just about every emotion. Waking up on that day may just actually be the moment when it sinks in, “Oh my God, I am actually getting married today!” This will bring on a sampler of emotions such as happiness, anxiety, nervousness, maybe even sprinkled with a touch of fear.

These hours with the photographer observing and capturing these raw moments will allow you to relax and ease into the act of being photographed.  It may seem awkward at first but there are so many things happening at the same time that very soon you won’t notice their presence. Everything goes so fast you will appreciate to have an extra eye recording those special moments for you to remember. What a special treasure to have of this time with your most beloveds celebrating and getting you ready for one of the biggest moments of your life with your Riviera Maya wedding.

These before the big moment photos are a time to capture the fine details and personality behind your wedding. Simple photos with the special details such as the beautiful hanger for your dress, invitations, guestbook, garden, jewelry and even the kids running around excited before the ceremony.  Often while you are preparing to get ready, your photographer can be catching these little things that are easily missed but often treasured later. The natural backdrop here in Playa del Carmen will give you many moments of special lighting with your bridal party, as well.

The “getting ready” hours are a magical twilight between single life and married life.  You wake up and everyone is treating you like a princess because you are. Family and friends come together and usually all women so it brings back a sense of the togetherness of ancient times of the Red Tent. These hours are a ritual of your rite of passage to a married woman. You will definitely want to document these times with photos.

Your photographer will be able to glide around you and your girls with an ease that you will not even notice their presence.  The moments that will be captured will be priceless and you may not have even noticed them, such as that tear in mom’s eye watching you put on your earrings, the moment when four girls are sliding your dress over you and fastening it, going from natural beauty out of bed to glamourous bride walking down the aisle.

A special touch many brides opt for is the “father first look” which is a sweet moment that will never be forgotten and a great memory to have in photos. Also, if you are having an exchange of presents this is a nice time to have photographed.  These are the “behind the scene” moments of the BIG day that lay the foundation for the more focused upon ceremony and you do not want to look back and say “I wish we had photographed that!”

Sharing this time not only with your girls but with your wedding photographer will forge a relationship with the artist capturing your day. You will share laughs and smiles and this time will guide the photographer to know your best side, your and your girls’ personalities, and how best to customize their talents to bring out the most authentic photos from your enchanted day.

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Getting ready pictures. Naal Wedding Photography