Remember for makeup that you are also in the Riviera Maya, a tropical setting.  The biggest mistake brides and bridesmaids make when coming here is the desire to get as dark a tan as possible in a week or a few days.  It is very important s not to get too!.  The first obvious one is not to get burned.  Red and peeling skin will not look good in photos or walking down the aisle.  Always use sunblock and limit your time in the sun.  Remember you are in the Caribbean and the sun is very strong,   even being in the shade, you will get a tan from the reflection off the water and sand.

Also, the sun, sand, and breeze can dry out your skin.  It is important to hydrate with moisturizer, as well as, drink lots of water.  Margaritas do not count but good try! Enjoy your drinks but water is essential.  It is very hot here so drink much more water than you think you should.

The classic makeup style for weddings is very natural but  if you would like to amp up the drama, opt for dramatic eyes.  A natural looking dramatic move is to use  eyelashes or lash extensions. If you are not used to false lashes and they seem a bit too much for you, do not worry.  They will look amazing in the photos.

Here we recommend a master makeup stylist as the climate is different here and you need special makeup products to counteract the heat and humidity.  If you and your girls choose to do your own makeup, then we suggest making sure that you have products that are long lasting.  Many brides choose airbrush makeup for their special day.

One last tip is that if you want to do a facial treatment before your wedding.  Be sure that you do it at least 7-10 days before you come down.  This ensures that any redness and sensitivity will diminish before you come here in the salty sunny beach environment.

We want your destination beach wedding look and photos to capture the glowing look of your day.

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