Trash The Dress…Whaaat?! Or Better Yet Become a Mermaid for a Day

First of all: we don’t trash the dress.

“Trash the Dress” is also known as “fearless bride” or “rock the frock”.  What this boils down to is an incredible after wedding photography session in an out of place wedding environment.  It is a creative outlet to celebrate love in a unique way.  Some “Trash the Dress” sessions include painting the dress, rolling around in mud or a more classy and fantasy way of doing it is how we do it here in the Riviera Maya, underwater.

“Trash the Dress” is a celebration of pulling off your perfect destination wedding!  This is a time to let it all out and have some fun while continuing to get great shots of this new rite of passage.  You are a married woman, a Mrs.! Celebrate!  This is a fun time to share with your new husband in a different way. It is time for all involved to get creative and create a few hours of giggles and expression that has just recently become popular and slowly a growing tradition.

Nature and the Mayan Riviera have great ideas for you too! You can go running through the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and frolic through the many ancient Mayan Temples visiting eras past like you are a Mayan Princess being taken away by your Mayan God.  The most popular idea here is to get in touch with your inner mermaid by taking advantage of the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea and the local Cenotes of Playa del Carmen, Tulum and surrounding areas.

Underwater photos are beautiful and whimsical.  The waters are tinted with turquoise and give the dress a flowing, magical look.  Not only will you look like a mythical goddess, but you will get to see some of the most beautiful places here in the area.  Many brides opt to find a private cenote (natural sinkhole sacred to the ancient Mayans) where they can have the jungle as a backdrop.  Or plunge with your loved one into the Caribbean Sea where the waves will dance with you both.

It is important for underwater shoots that you know that we go to very safe places where the water is not very deep and there are no currents. There will always be a place where you can stand to break between shots. But it is important that you feel comfortable underwater.  In the cenotes the water is 24-25 degrees Celsius or 75-77 degrees Fahrenheit. The shoot lasts about an hour and a half because we usually repeat the shots few times with the extra factors to be taken into consideration such as buoyancy, hair in the face, a little fish swimming across the shot, bubbles, sharks, etc.  No, no there are no sharks in cenotes! If you choose to wear makeup, please be sure it is waterproof. A light dress is required because once it gets wet it does get heavier. And just keep calm, breathe and relax because it is going to be one of your best memories in life and one of the most unique too in some of the most amazing natural places in the world!

And remember, you don’t have to trash THE dress.  You can use a more inexpensive dress that you buy for the occasion since many brides spend a small fortune on their wedding day dress or want to keep it for future generations. Remember all crazy ideas are welcome!  This is a time to take dreamy photos and celebrate the release of months of planning and pulling off your fairytale wedding.  What a perfect way to seal all of that hard work with photos to remember a special time in a special place, the Mexican Caribbean!

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